a graduation film from
The National Film School of Denmark
(35 min. / fiction / 2003 / shot on 16mm & super-8mm scope - 35mm copy)

'Between us' is a modern, humorous and sexy love story which takes place
during one night, in one apartment with four young copenhageners.

The little brother Adam invites his closest family for dinner; His beloved girlfriend,
his successful big brother and his brother's beautiful wife. They're having a good time!
But there's a special reason for the invitation. Adam has prepared a highly untraditional
plan for the night; A plan which will make up for all the humiliations suffered
in the past as a little brother...especially one of them!

Adam: Kristian Ibler
Sabine: Helle Fagralid
Sander::Thomas Bendixen
Veronika: Maria Stokholm

Taxi driver: Farshad Kholghi

Written by Laurits Munch-Petersen,
Jeff Matthews & Ine Urheim
Production designer:
Sabine Hviid
Graphics & poster: Paul Wilson
Flemming Nordkrog
Editor: Cathrine Ambus
Sound: Allan Holmberg
Cinematographer: Jan Pallesen
Produced by Emilie Luke
Directed by Laurits Munch-Petersen

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