(portrait by Hans Martinsen
oil on canvas, 31x36 cm, 2003)

Laurits was born on July 19th, 1973, and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. His father
is painter
Erik Hagens and his mother is ceramist Ursula Munch-Petersen. Laurits
has two older brothers, architect
Hans Hagens and flight mechanic Søren Landgreen.

From an early age Laurits started drawing comics, posters, paintings, etc, and at age
15, he lived in Mexico for one year with his parents. After graduating from Ingrid
Jespersen's High School in 1992, he served apprenticeship at Ediciones Benveniste,
a graphical copper print workshop in Madrid, for one year.

After returning to Denmark in 1993, he started working at the Danish sculptor Bjørn
Nørgaard's ateliers for 2 years and planned to become an illustrator/painter. But when
his mentor, Bjørn Nørgaard, gave him a camera to shoot a documentary film about his
exhibition in Tallinn, Laurits' plans changed. He fell in love with the camera and
stopped his apprenticeship, to start shooting his own films.

As his girlfriend, for his 20th birthday, gave him the present that he could film her
under any circumstances, he planned to shoot a series of nudity scenes. But it soon
developed into a longer story, and ended up being the film "Lisa's Day", shot with
Laurits' own Super-8mm camera and a cast and crew of friends. The same summer
Laurits shot the film "A Woman in Every Town" on a travel through Europe, starring
his friend, Kolja Zlebacic, and the women they met on their trip.

In 1996 Laurits returned to Mexico to shoot his first professional film "The Circle" in
the desert of Oaxaca. Afterwards he studied one year at The European Film College in
Ebeltoft, where he teamet up with some of the people that he's still working with today.

After shooting several short films, like the comedy "Tempo" with acclaimed Danish
actor Ulrich Thomsen, he was accepted as a student of directing at The National Film
School of Denmark, for 4 years. Here he had the chance to have some of his most
influential directors as guest teatchers, like Roman Polanski, David Lynch, etc. In
2003 he graduated with the dark, sexy comedy "Between Us" which became the most
award-winning graduation film from the film school ever, with 13 international awards,
including "New Danish Film Talent of the Year".

At the age of 30 Laurits won an Oscar - a Student Academy Award - for Best Foreign
Film, with "Between Us". And at 31 he debuted with his first full length feature film,
the one-location, real-time drama, "Ambulance", which premiered all across Denmark
in 2005. Later that year he was also a member of the jury at the Uppsala International
Film Festival. He is currently working on new feature films in Copenhagen and London.

- - -

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